Naveena Karusala


12.11.17 "'Only if you use English, you will get to more things': Using Smartphones to Navigate Multilingualism" accepted to CHI '18. ​

09.27.17 Started my PhD at the University of Washington School of Computer Science and Engineering! ​

08.07.17 "Care as a Resource in Underserved Learning Environments" accepted to CSCW '18. ​

05.06.17 Attended the HCIxB Symposium and CHI '17 in Denver Colorado. ​

03.01.17 Began working with inspiritVR, a virtual reality design consultancy. ​

02.25.17 Attended the Imagining Intersectional Futures Workshop at CSCW '17 in Portland, Oregon. ​

12.17.16 Graduated from Georgia Tech with a Bachelor's in Computer Science! ​

12.11.16 "Women's Safety in Public Spaces: Examining the Efficacy of Panic Buttons in New Delhi" accepted to CHI '17. ​

05.11.16 Began working with Gram Vaani on Mobile Vaani, an app that displays and shares news recordings crowdsourced via IVR in rural areas in many states of India.